Hello and welcome to my world! I am a mum, a grandmother and a wife , who is also an author, pregnancy & baby wellness expert, childcare consultant, aromatherapist, reiki & crystal master……wow, all that crammed in one crazy, happy and positive life! Oh, and I love llamas too!

My passion is to empower mums and mums to be to have positive  pregnancy, birth and baby experiences through conscious sensory connections that is my Babyopathy programme.

To support this I also launched a campaign called Routine in the Womb with an awareness month each June and I still continue consulting in the childcare profession to share my 25 years of knowledge and experience to make every child’s life a sensory and positive one wherever possible.

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Author | Baby Wellness Expert | Creator of Babyopathy | Childcare Expert | Reiki & Crystal Master

I have owned and operated children’s nurseries for 25 years;  named as one of the Top 10 Most Influential in Childcare in 2017. I created my own sensory based baby & child development programme called Babyopathy that was named as Mother & Baby Magazine’s ‘New Routine for 2017.

I am a published author and won numerous awards for my book and my work. I am a Reiki Master, Aromatherapy Practitioner, Conscious Crystalline Master, Author and Babyopathy CEO; as well as teaching in all of these areas.

I am delighted to now work as a private consultant specialising in conception, pregnancy, birth and baby’s first year through my Babyopathy programme, providing family and individual Conscious Crystalline Reiki treatments as well as consulting to the childcare profession to support nursery owners in the development and/or sale of their nurseries.


I love my work, but I also love to teach others what I do. I am currently running the following courses with limited places:

Babyopathy Reiki Practitioner & Master | Become A Babyopathy Consultant

Usui Reiki 1, 2, Master Practitioner & Teacher | Conscious Crystalline Reiki 1, 2 & Master | Crystal Facial

If you are interested in attending any of my above courses, please contact me here.

RITW Campaign

Routine in the Womb Campaign

In 2017 I launched the Routine in the Womb campaign to empower pregnant mums with the information they need to know to help them have a positive and health pregnancy with conscious sensory connections with their baby.

Knowing your baby’s unique pattern of movements and rest in the womb helps you to be reassured your pregnancy is progressing positively. By understanding the pattern of movements you can notice any changes; one of the biggest causes of change to their routine and in turn their wellbeing is stress, maternal stress and we help you to recognise this and find ways to alleviate it.

This June we are launching an awareness month and challenge you to ‘paint your baby belly‘ to support the campaign and our theme this year is ‘connected baby‘. You can connect with your baby in the womb through their senses by singing to them, reading to them, massaging your belly and so on – how do you connect with your baby?

Visit the campaign website here.