About me

Author | Baby Wellness Expert | Creator of Babyopathy | Childcare Expert | Reiki & Crystal Master

As with everyone, my story starts many years ago when I opened my first children’s nursery at the age of 21 in 1993. I can’t tell you the struggles I faced being a woman (and a young one at that) in business all those years ago. One lasting memory was a high street bank manager throwing my business plan at me and saying ‘go away you stupid little girl!” oh how I wish I could show him my life now! However, it made me determined to make it on my own.

It was becoming a mother myself in 1996 that defined my life’s work though. You can read about it in my books but the short version is that I had tumultuous births and first 3 years with both of my children not sleeping. I could not breastfeed either of them but for two completely different reasons. I was left feeling hugely guilty, berated by other breastfeeding mums and literally on my knees. Even the local Health Visitor just said “well your score for post-natal depression is off the charts but I know you know what you’re doing so you’ll be fine” and she walked away. So I was determined that there must be a better way for mums and that spurred my research and brought me to launch Babyopathy and ultimately where I am today.

Until their sale in October 2018, I had owned and operated my nurseries for 25 years and was named as one of the Top 10 Most Influential in Childcare in 2017. As mentioned above I created my own sensory based baby & child development programme called Babyopathy that was named as Mother & Baby Magazine’s ‘New Routine for 2017.

I am a published author and have won numerous awards for my book and my work. I am a Reiki & Heka Master, Aromatherapy Practitioner, Conscious Crystalline Master, Author and Babyopathy CEO; as well as teaching in all of these areas.

I am delighted to now work as a private consultant specialising in conception, pregnancy, birth and baby’s first year through my Babyopathy programme, providing family and individual energy based Heka Balancing treatments as well as consulting to the childcare profession to support nursery owners in the development and/or sale of their nurseries.

However, that’s not all I do! 

After the sale of my nurseries we moved to the beautiful town of Halstead where along with my family I have taken over and refurbished a stunning boutique private hire spa with adjoining spa beauty & therapy rooms – The Oak Rooms. This is where I am now based as a consultant and spend my time in the beautiful grounds writing articles and material for my online courses and run my ‘Angel on Board’ Business Growth Mentoring in association with The Formula by Steve Hackney.

Oh and I mustn’t forget my title as Llama Wrangler and Chief People Herder at Cannabeenz Chocolate  I told you my life was crazy!