Babyopathy Baby-led Development

The concept of ‘baby-led’ is often misunderstood. Many think that it means that baby has to be the one that ‘does something first’ and you cannot introduce something unless they do. This is not the case with Babyopathy.

We give babies lots of experiences and sensory interactions, as much as possible through example, and nurture where their interest focuses. A baby has their first conscious sensory connection in the womb, recognising the tones and patterns in their mother’s voice for example. So by giving them appropriate sensory experiences (not overbearing ones like some classes out there) you can nurture your baby’s natural development and then anything is possible!

As well as limited private consultations, through my growing group of consultants, we offer sensory baby classes, not only to help you nurture your baby’s development, but to support you through those all important first months!