Juice Plus+ & The Marmite Affect!

Marmite, you either love it or hate it according to their advertising campaigns and it seems that Juice Plus+ gets the same response!

I have to say, after attending the conference this weekend in Brighton I can see why some would say they hate it – some of those that sell the Juice Plus+ products are the a-typical ‘cheerleaders’ with in your face sales tactics and some of the old ‘its a weight loss programme’ and ‘it’s MLM’ stigmas are still lingering. BUT…..

I can also see why people, like me, LOVE IT! The science behind the capsules (and chewables for kids) and the research studies undertaken is extensive and for me, everyone should take it, but especially when you want to have a baby or are pregnant.

You see, they give the nutrients of 30 fruits, vegetables and berries and we could never eat that amount each day no matter how hard we tried! Plus the fruits and veg etc used are organic, where many of those whole foods we consume aren’t and are potentially full of pesticides.

What we eat contributes towards our health and wellbeing, including our immune system and so when my daughter told me she wanted to try for a baby, the first thing I did was to give her Juice Plus+ (and I tell all my clients too!). I of course, also used meditations, energy treatments and crystals but it was important to ensure her body was healthy too!

She didn’t have morning sickness, she had a very healthy pregnancy and I personally believe that a huge factor in that was that she was healthy in mind and body! Her body was receiving all the best nutrients we could give. So I am on the ‘team love‘ for Juice Plus+ and am delighted that there’s even a new little ‘LIFT‘ for me and my busy life! To find out more you just have to click here!

Where it all began!

It began 25 years ago!

My life changed when I opened my business, my first children’s nursery 25 years ago. Little did I know that this would become my life’s work and passion and result in me becoming an award winning author, childcare consultant, pregnancy & baby wellness expert and holistic sensory therapist now.

In between all of that, I got married and had two amazing children, got divorced and whilst volunteering in orphanages in Romania, met my now husband! Finally, I also became a grandmother this year, after sharing the whole pregnancy and birth experience through my Babyopathy work with my daughter, beautiful Mia was born.

It has taken me 25 years to get to this point but now after a lifetime of living to work, I intend to now work to live, spreading positivity and sharing my life’s experience!

Join me, a llama loving, family inspired, wife, mum and grandmother as I share my new journey of life, loves and work – the next 25 years!