Bear Necessities (Sorry, I couldn’t help it!)

Ok for those that know me they know I love a Disney reference so I apologise for the title!

But this post is going to be short and sweet because the video says it all!

There is nothing more awesome than seeing these amazing creatures where they belong in their natural habitat! I have spent the last 24 hours walking in their world, learning about what is being done (or not done in some cases) to protect their world and let’s be truthful, our world and our children’s world too!

This may be happening in ‘another country’ but these beautiful creatures once roamed our shores and guess what, they no longer do!

But with huge thanks to Charlie Ottley and the Wild Carpathia team I got to see 3 of these amazing creatures – there just aren’t enough words to describe the feeling so just watch….

One step from Romanian nature…

When you take a walk in the woods, what do you see? Do you take a moment to hear the ubiquitous silence? Silence is so powerful it touches your soul, let alone quietens the mind.

And then the silence is broken by the screech of a bird’s alarm call and the thud of a piece of ice falling from the top of these immense trees where at the top is placed the latest in technological ingenuity which is being used to locate the sound of illegal logging.

We are here watching as one of these is installed and being filmed by the Wild Carpathia film crew. Ironically through the trees comes the faint sound of a chainsaw, meaning more of this ancient forest, part of the lungs of this earth, is being ripped from its place.

However, there is also a magical realisation that from where I am standing right now there could be a family of Eurasian Bears watching with great interest these aliens in their world hanging from ropes in the trees! Only last night I watched a little footage of two cubs emerging from the den, closely followed by their mother whilst in the background is the sound of car horns and roadway. A stark reminder we can be one step from nature and be completely unaware so we need to start opening our eyes and ears and seeing the beauty and wonder in this world before we destroy it all!

Bears DO Poop in the Woods!

Sorry, after 25 years of nurseries I couldn’t bring myself to swear, but I can categorically confirm the answer to that rhetorical question!

I may not have actually seen a bear today but whilst taking a stroll around the Zabola estate, the hotel we are staying at tonight, Charlie Ottley (Wild Carpathia filmmaker extraordinaire) pointed out “well there’s proof of bears, fresh poop!” They’re obviously trailing the wild deer that ran across the hillside in front of us!

Tomorrow hopefully there will be actual bears! It’s definitely turning in to a bear hunt!

I’m Going on a Bear Hunt!

Can you imagine how many times I have read this fantastic children’s book over my 25 years of owning nurseries?

Well, tomorrow I am actually Going on a Bear Hunt!

Ok, so there will be no actual ‘hunting’ but I will be heading off to Romania and a beautiful estate called Zabola where the owner is fighting deforestation to protect the wildlife, to trek up to a bear hide and hopefully catch a glimpse of these magnificent animals in their natural habitat!

The reason? Well I will be joining the documentary filmmakers of the Wild Carpathia series. These amazing wildlife documentaries have highlighted over their past four films how the Carpathian Mountains, their forest and wildlife are being destroyed by human activity! They are in the final weeks of filming the 5th and final film which will show the affects of global warming, deforestation and even plastic use in this once thriving and vibrant place and I get to join them behind the scenes for a few days!

There is still time to change our actions and save our world, but that time is limited!

I will hopefully be sharing details of my journey and of course the presentation of the final film when it premiers!

Where it all began!

It began 25 years ago!

My life changed when I opened my business, my first children’s nursery 25 years ago. Little did I know that this would become my life’s work and passion and result in me becoming an award winning author, childcare consultant, pregnancy & baby wellness expert and holistic sensory therapist now.

In between all of that, I got married and had two amazing children, got divorced and whilst volunteering in orphanages in Romania, met my now husband! Finally, I also became a grandmother this year, after sharing the whole pregnancy and birth experience through my Babyopathy work with my daughter, beautiful Mia was born.

It has taken me 25 years to get to this point but now after a lifetime of living to work, I intend to now work to live, spreading positivity and sharing my life’s experience!

Join me, a llama loving, family inspired, wife, mum and grandmother as I share my new journey of life, loves and work – the next 25 years!