Ok I know that’s the name of the Cannabeenz cookbook but if the word fits…

I was aware of the benefits of CBD and why I needed to take it but the taste of the oil was the worst thing I have ever tasted! Like the bottom of the sweatiest gym bag that had been festering for a month!

Yes, for me it was that bad! However, I know I’m biased but our Cannabeenz are delicious and the hot chocolate is to die for! Although I’ve had my 5mg bean this morning (that’s enough for me to give up 3 lots of prescription medication!) as I need to sit and write an article for Pregnancy & Parenting Magazine I need a little cognitive boost so a delicious cup of our CBD orange hot chocolate is in order! You have to try our CBD-elicious Cannabeenz!

Cannabeenz has Launched!!!

NEW Brand Cannabeenz launched at CBD Chocolate Pancake Day 

Brand new to the UK market Cannabeenz ‘happy chocolate’ was launched on Shrove Tuesday 5th March 2019 at the luxurious Hanbury Manor Country House Hotel & Spa, Hertfordshire. Fifty VIP guests sampled a range of the new vegan and hand-made, organic chocolate. 

Pancakes and waffles served with Madagascan, organic chocolate sauce were freshly prepared and accompanied by CBD Hot Chocolate. 

The country’s first CBD Chocolate Pancake Day marked the launch of Cannabeenz with entertainment by The Voice finalist, Lydia Lucy.

The new chocolate company has been founded by award-winning, entrepreneur and author Angela Spencer together with her sister Tina Hammett and Chef Paul Jones. Paul is a Belgian chocolate specialist and a Leith Cookery School graduate.


Photo Captions: (Centre Left photo)): At the launch event: Cannabeenz owners Tina Hammett, Chef Paul Jones with Celebrity Singer Lydia Lucy and Angela Spencer. (centre right photo) Angela Spencer, Cannabeenz MD

Organic 70% chocolate is combined with, zero THC, full spectrum Hemp extract (CBD with no oil) and a few other ingredients to make the Happy Chocolate range which is now available online and through a selected number of resellers. The chocolate is made in Chef Paul’s commercial kitchen in the UK with CBD coming from a market leading supplier in Amsterdam who uses EU grown Organic Hemp and it is scientifically tested (each batch has its own Mass Spectrometry Report for quality and consistency) to verify authenticity and purity.

Products include: 

·         Cannabeenz Tins: available in three Hemp Extract strengths: Original (5mg), Mellow (2mg) & Intense (8mg) featuring 55 beans per tin.

·         Pouch of Beans (approximately 110 beans) available in all 3 CBD mg strengths on monthly subscription

·         Cannameltz Hot Chocolate

Prices range from £15.99 to £34.99

Other products soon available include:

·         Cannapopz: snack size and available for customisation

·         Cannabbenz Sports Blend

·         Cannabocz: cooking blocks for grating and cooking

Angela Spencer, Cannabeenz Managing Director and “Chief Llama Wrangler” commented,

”Following a fall down a staircase when I was 15, I have suffered with a prolapsed disc for most of my life. This was exacerbated by a life-changing car accident when I was 19; when my seat mountings broke but my seat belt held the top half of my body in place and my pelvis twisted. I have lived with chronic pain now for nearly 30 years.

Fed up with taking prescription medication which has numerous side effects, I was desperate for something else. I was introduced to CBD oil about 18 months ago. I struggled to take it as the taste is one of the worst things I have ever tasted but I did what I could to mask the taste because for the first time in decades I was beginning to reduce my medication and pain levels. It was a chance conversation with my sister, Tina that she had eaten some chocolate just after taking some elderberry tincture and had loved the taste. I jokingly quipped “can we put the CBD oil in chocolate as I am struggling with the taste”. The next week, armed with some raw ingredients we made our first batch of bean sized chocolate. It was bean sized because I needed a small mould as I have insulin resistance and cannot eat too much sugar. We were absolutely delighted with the results and for once I didn’t mind taking the CBD oil. Word soon got round amongst friends and family and we were under pressure to make more batches. 

The rest is history… we were introduced to the fabulous Chef Paul Jones with whom we refined and perfected our ingredients to be something truly special and in 12 weeks from the lightbulb moment we have launched Cannabeenz.

For me, CBD has helped me to live pain free for the first time in nearly 30 years, it helps my eczema, I sleep better and even my migraines (a side effect from my degenerative disc) have lessened. I know personally that CBD has many other benefits but the law prevents us from sharing them. There is however a lot of research out there for people to read themselves!

Thank you to all our guests, family and friends with special thanks to the super talented Lydia Lucy for performing and taking part in the chocolate making demonstration. The feedback has been outstanding.”

HOT OFF THE PRESS….The Cannabeenz CBD Cookbook Launch will be taking place at ‘This Morning Live’ Shopping & Lifestyle Show, 16-19 May at NEC Birmingham. Tickets are available online.

To follow Cannabeenz for news and updates go to: www.cannabeenz, Twitter @cannabeenz, Instagram @cannabeenz and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cannabeenzchocolate/.

Book of the Week for Babies

Book of the week… The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

My Babyopathy Programme is both sensory and nature based and we like to feature a book each week to help theme our activities!

Reading with babies is important to both stimulate their eye co-ordination and language development. Make stories fun with expressions and tones to encourage baby interaction.

You can develop activities for older babies with fruits to match the story – let them hold them, touch then and tell them the shapes, colours and textures etc – have fun!

Where it all began!

It began 25 years ago!

My life changed when I opened my business, my first children’s nursery 25 years ago. Little did I know that this would become my life’s work and passion and result in me becoming an award winning author, childcare consultant, pregnancy & baby wellness expert and holistic sensory therapist now.

In between all of that, I got married and had two amazing children, got divorced and whilst volunteering in orphanages in Romania, met my now husband! Finally, I also became a grandmother this year, after sharing the whole pregnancy and birth experience through my Babyopathy work with my daughter, beautiful Mia was born.

It has taken me 25 years to get to this point but now after a lifetime of living to work, I intend to now work to live, spreading positivity and sharing my life’s experience!

Join me, a llama loving, family inspired, wife, mum and grandmother as I share my new journey of life, loves and work – the next 25 years!