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I’m Your ‘Angel on Board’

Owning any business is hard, and finding a good business mentor that fits your needs is even harder. 

So if you are a woman in business, particularly a childcare business, I have over 25 years of walking in your shoes, knowing the challenges you face and having to think outside of the box in a biased world. Now my passion is mentoring other women in business through their challenges to thrive and achieve their dreams too!

There’s a number of ways you can benefit from my knowledge and expertise:

Join my monthly Nursery Owners Networking Meetings. An opportunity for business support, industry chat and even a mini marketing masterclass!


As well as being part of the Nursery Owners Networking meetings, join my business growth membership for targeted monthly marketing and industry support!


A complete package of networking and monthly mentoring with me and access to the world class business mentoring system The Core Asset Vault.


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