Family Reiki & Heka Balancing Consultations

Both reiki and heka balancing are energy based treatments that focus on the subtle energy system and can be hugely beneficial to all members of the family. Many recognise the practise of reiki and I am a Reiki Master Teacher, however having trained further myself in the higher frequencies and other sensory practices such as crystal therapy and aromatherapy, I developed the practice I now use called Heka Balancing.

Heka Balancing works in the higher frequencies of universal energy to bring balance to the person wherever it is needed. It encourages a deep sense of relaxation which works to reduce stress and bring an element of self-healing. As our lives and energy thrive on sensory connections, heka balancing works to nurture those inbuilt connections, particularly when pregnant. Encouraging the sensory connection between mum and their unborn baby is key to a relaxed mum and contented baby.