I’m Going on a Bear Hunt!

Can you imagine how many times I have read this fantastic children’s book over my 25 years of owning nurseries?

Well, tomorrow I am actually Going on a Bear Hunt!

Ok, so there will be no actual ‘hunting’ but I will be heading off to Romania and a beautiful estate called Zabola where the owner is fighting deforestation to protect the wildlife, to trek up to a bear hide and hopefully catch a glimpse of these magnificent animals in their natural habitat!

The reason? Well I will be joining the documentary filmmakers of the Wild Carpathia series. These amazing wildlife documentaries have highlighted over their past four films how the Carpathian Mountains, their forest and wildlife are being destroyed by human activity! They are in the final weeks of filming the 5th and final film which will show the affects of global warming, deforestation and even plastic use in this once thriving and vibrant place and I get to join them behind the scenes for a few days!

There is still time to change our actions and save our world, but that time is limited!

I will hopefully be sharing details of my journey and of course the presentation of the final film when it premiers!

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