International Women’s Day – Why do some women hate other women?

Today is International Women’s Day and their theme is Balance for Better, however I don’t think I can write about that. I don’t think I can clamour for a better balance for women when there are some women out there that seem to want to see the downfall of other women – and they are growing in number!

My battle cry was’women supporting women’ and especially ‘mums supporting mums’. However, increasingly I am seeing women actively berating other women with some taking it to out and out abusive comments, usually on social media!

What happened to respect for another human being? What happened to respectful behaviour and if you have something to say, say it privately?

How do they know whether the person they are trolling (how sad that it has its own name now) won’t be pushed to self harm or worse, take their own life because of their cruel words?

How can we expect Balance for Better when we can’t even support each other as women?

I for one will not tolerate this behaviour from someone else, let alone another woman! Only last night I had to block someone on social media for their rudeness! At least that is one plus side to social media – you can block someone!

If you are another human being I will respect you unless you show me behaviour otherwise, it shouldn’t matter if you are a man or a woman but in this male dominated crazy world I do think women are facing enough challenges without me (or any other woman) being another one!

Happy International Women’s Day – be a woman that supports other women!

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