One step from Romanian nature…

When you take a walk in the woods, what do you see? Do you take a moment to hear the ubiquitous silence? Silence is so powerful it touches your soul, let alone quietens the mind.

And then the silence is broken by the screech of a bird’s alarm call and the thud of a piece of ice falling from the top of these immense trees where at the top is placed the latest in technological ingenuity which is being used to locate the sound of illegal logging.

We are here watching as one of these is installed and being filmed by the Wild Carpathia film crew. Ironically through the trees comes the faint sound of a chainsaw, meaning more of this ancient forest, part of the lungs of this earth, is being ripped from its place.

However, there is also a magical realisation that from where I am standing right now there could be a family of Eurasian Bears watching with great interest these aliens in their world hanging from ropes in the trees! Only last night I watched a little footage of two cubs emerging from the den, closely followed by their mother whilst in the background is the sound of car horns and roadway. A stark reminder we can be one step from nature and be completely unaware so we need to start opening our eyes and ears and seeing the beauty and wonder in this world before we destroy it all!

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