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Routine in the Womb Campaign

In 2017 I launched the Routine in the Womb campaign to empower pregnant mums with the information they need to know to help them have a positive and health pregnancy with conscious sensory connections with their baby.

Knowing your baby’s unique pattern of movements and rest in the womb helps you to be reassured your pregnancy is progressing positively. By understanding the pattern of movements you can notice any changes; one of the biggest causes of change to their routine and in turn their wellbeing is stress, maternal stress and we help you to recognise this and find ways to alleviate it.

This June we are launching an awareness month and challenge you to ‘paint your baby belly‘ to support the campaign and our theme this year is ‘connected baby‘. You can connect with your baby in the womb through their senses by singing to them, reading to them, massaging your belly and so on – how do you connect with your baby?

Visit the campaign website here.